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7535SIR Water Color Wall Art


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Wall Art | Water Color 

Dia: 11-12"

For our Water Color collection, our artists have done a spectacular job at capturing all the little bubbles left behind on the shoreline after a wave crashes and reseeds back to the ocean. The clear bubble swirl around the canvas creates a water-like base for the characteristic freeform splashes of color in this collection. The applications of color on each piece are totally random and individual to the specific artist/piece, and will not appear exactly like the specimen photos as shown. Only the color combinations are the same. Truly, each one of these wall art pieces is as unique as a fingerprint.

Each of our wall art pieces comes with a metal cylinder for easy wall mounting. Explore our WM-2 wall mount. For a layered effect, consider purchasing a wall mount extender; however, extenders are recommended primarily for smaller wall art pieces.

Complete your installation with our sconce hardware, designed for standard wall art plates.

If the item you desire is currently out of stock, kindly reach out to us at 510-569-8899 for information regarding estimated restocking dates.