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7823BIR Tropical Sea Turtle Wall Art


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Wall Art | Tropical Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle with Pressed Pattern Shell

L:12" W:11"

Mount the Sea Turtle on your wall the same way you would mount our other wall art pieces. Our Sea Turtle collection adds another fun and playful character to our tropical fish collections. Mix the Sea Turtle with our classic wall art or group them with our Seahorses, Starfish, or any other piece from our tropical fish collections.

All of our wall art comes with a metal cylinder that mounts to the wall WM-2. To create a layered effect you can purchase a wall mount extender. Wall mount extenders are only recommended for smaller wall art pieces.

Sconce hardware is available for all wall art but is only recommended for standard wall art plates.

If the item you are looking for is out of stock please contact us at 510-569-8899 and we can let you know if we have an estimated restocking date.