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NW4955RHBIR Poppy Flower Wall Art


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Wall Art | Poppy Flower

Dia: 20-21"

Red Poppy Flower uses Natura Hardware to Mount on Wall or Ceiling. Three hand blown plates, each one had a hole in the center so that they can be staked on the hardware that will hold the glass in place. A small 1” round satin nickel cap will be visible in the center of the plate but it is mostly obscured by the cup-like section of glass.

This wall art does not use our standard WM-2 wall art mount. This wall art uses a modified version of our Natura hardware which give it the versatility to be installed on either walls or ceilings. Use our standard wall art in combination with this wall art to grate a layering effect.

Sconce hardware is available for all wall art but is only recommended for standard wall art plates.

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