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7604SIR Jewel Wall Art


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Wall Art | Jewel


Jewelry is often crafted from two basic pieces - the jewel and the setting. That aesthetic inspired our Jewel collection. An iridescent multi-colored center is contrasted to its setting, which is a ring of colored glass. If you closely study the accent created by the play of colors in the center, you will see a demure but rich layer of applied gold leafing. The small pieces (11-12) are reminiscent of colorful precious stones found in mineral ore. The larger pieces (20-21) are full of dramatic flair. Each piece is unique to the tastes of the artist who crafted it, so you can be sure no one else has anything else like it!    

Each of our wall art pieces comes with a metal cylinder for easy wall mounting. Explore our WM-2 wall mount. For a layered effect, consider purchasing a wall mount extender; however, extenders are recommended primarily for smaller wall art pieces.

Complete your installation with our sconce hardware, designed for standard wall art plates.

If the item you desire is currently out of stock, kindly reach out to us at 510-569-8899 for information regarding estimated restocking dates.