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4130TB Folded Murano Style Blown Glass Platter by VIZ Glass


Folded Murano Style Blown Glass Platter by VIZ Glass

- L:15" W:15" H:6

Amidst a vibrant array of colors, simplicity can evoke profound elegance. Our classic tabletop decorations expertly blend primary colors using traditional Murano glass blowing techniques and styles.

A twist, or rather a fold, on wall art, this tranquil aqua blue hand-blown table top piece epitomizes classic Murano-style craftsmanship, exhibiting delicate swirls that captivate the observer. Employing the traditional method of infusing colored frit—tiny glass shards tinted with specific metal oxides—into molten glass bubbles, this technique produces a unique pattern of multicolored spots resembling freckles across the canvas. A subtle yellow rim enhances the piece, introducing an additional layer of depth. 

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