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4132SIR Classic Murano Style Wall Art by VIZ Glass


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Classic Murano Style Wall Art by VIZ Glass


Even amidst a palette of vibrant colors, simplicity can convey profound elegance. Our classic wall art pieces expertly blend primary colors using traditional Murano glass blowing techniques and styles.

This bold red hand-blown wall art embodies classic Murano-style craftsmanship, displaying delicate swirls that enchant the viewer. Utilizing the traditional technique of infusing colored frit—minute glass shards tinted with specific metal oxides—onto molten glass bubbles, this method produces a unique pattern of multicolored spots resembling freckles across the canvas. A subtle yellow rim enhances the wall art, introducing an additional layer of depth, particularly when paired with other pieces of wall art.

Each of our wall art pieces comes with a metal cylinder for easy wall mounting. Explore our WM-2 wall mount. For a layered effect, consider purchasing a wall mount extender; however, extenders are recommended primarily for smaller wall art pieces.

Complete your installation with our sconce hardware, designed for standard wall art plates.

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