• How long has Viz Glass been in business?

    We have been designing, producing, and marketing art glass for almost 2 decades. In 2006, we formalized the brand "Viz Glass".
  • Where are Viz Glass products made?

    Our hand blown glass art is made in our family owned factory in China.
  • How is your glass made?

    Majority of our glass is hand-blown. Free hand without a mould, or some products that require more uniform for example our lighting pendants are mouth blown (produced with a mould). For these products, the colors are pigmented in the glass, and will not tarnish over time. As the line grew, we now include torch-work glass with color plated on the glass.
  • How do I become a dealer?

    We are a wholesale company; we sell to retail stores, online retailers and designers.
  • How can we buy Viz Glass products?

    If you are a retail store or designer you can buy directly through Viz Glass. Otherwise you can contact us at info@vizartglass.com or call us at 510-569-8899 to find locations near you that carry our products.


  • Does Viz Glass attend any trade shows?

    We have three permanent showrooms open during trade shows: Atlanta AmericasMart, Building 2, #901B. Las Vegas World Market Center, Building A, 4th Floor, #450. High Point Market, IHFC, #D437. Dallas WTC 6th floor-424. For Coloriscape, you can see us at Atlanta 10th floor B74A, and at the IGC show.
  • What are the main product categories?

    We have three categories of products Home Décor, D’Fine Lighting and Coloriscape. Home Décor features our glass art chandeliers, wall art and tabletop pieces. D’Fine lighting features pendants, table lamps and chandeliers. Coloriscape features our garden decor, solar light product lines.
  • What products can be customized?

    Customize your chandelier by choosing from one of our 3 sizes and available colors listed in our catalog. For specific dimensions and color customization please complete our Custom Quote form to get started! We also can customize any of our products according to your spec/project needs.
  • How are your products shipped?

    Viz Glass products are shipped through FedEx or by Truck on a pallet depending on the size of the order.
  • What is Coloriscape?

    Coloriscape is our garden collection that offers beautiful glass art for garden and other outdoor spaces. It features solar and non-solar pieces, garden jewelry, fountains and bird baths.
  • What is D'fine Lighting?

    D’Fine Lighting is a fusion of glass art and light. This collection features pendants, sconces, table lamps, illuminated art and chandeliers.
  • What is ThinkOutsidetheFrame?

    Thinkoutsidetheframe is an interactive design website. Login and design a personalized interior wall using our wall plates! Go to Thinkoutsidetheframe.net to get started!
  • How are products packaged?

    We utilize a wide range of packaging methods and material for the best results, including cardboard inserts, foam, EPE and bubble wrap. Many of our products also pass the drop test, please see catalog for details.
  • How do I maintain and care for my product?

    Viz Glass pieces can be cleaned by using any standard glass cleaner; for a more thorough cleaning use product containing ammonia.


  • Is there a minimum order amount?

    $500 minimum is applied to all orders and reorders. A $25 minimum order fee will be charged on all orders under the minimum.
  • What is a normal lead time?

    If all products are available, we ship within a week of the order being placed.
  • How do I place an order?

    E-mail or Fax your order to info@vizartglass.com or 510-569-8897. Also, contact us for the information on your local representative.
  • How can I contact Viz Glass?

    E-mail us at info@vizartglass.com or call our office at 510-569-8899. Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Pacific Standard time.
  • What do I do if I have breakage or problems with my order?

    Please contact our office within 2 weeks of receiving your order at 510-569-8899 or info@vizartglass.com to begin the claim process.
  • Can I return Items?

    Please contact our office before returning items at 510-569-8899 or info@vizartglass.com. Returned items are subjected to a 20% Re-stocking fee.
  • What is shipping cost approx?

    Shipping costs do vary depending on the size, weight and location. On average our shipping costs will be 15-20% of your order.
  • What to do if I want to revise my order?

    Please call or e-mail us at 510-569-8899 or info@vizartglass.com for any revisions.